Kathy Petrakis


My creative journey began with these novels. I knew what I wanted to write about and the characters came to me so naturally - I lived and breathed them for months! One book became two and a third one in development to finish the series.

Dancers and Divas book series

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A Young Adult /New Adult Contemporary Romance 

The Dancers and Divas book series follows hip hop dancer Elena Martinez and her best friend, actor Sebastien Duval, as they navigate their way through New York’s top Performing Arts School. They not only have to deal with auditions, rejection  and endless rehearsals, but also their own personal journey and that of their friends and enemies, in order to discover their true selves and their dreams.

Short Stories

Here are some short stories I’ve written over the last couple of months.

To Be Someone – a story about the search for self-love.

Stage Fright – overcoming fear.

Perfect Illusion – an apocalyptic short story

Boat People – a young girl becomes a refugee from Vietnam.