Kathy Petrakis

Watch Me Dance – stage show

A stage play about dancers

A story of friendship, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption and fighting for your dream. A cast of 25 talented dancers performing hip hop, contemporary and jazz to music that you love.

Step Up, Center Stage, Pitch Perfect, Bring it On all mixed into one.

The Story

In the dance world, physical perfection is everything. How you look, how you move, the stories your body tells. So can the disfigured Tianna survive in this world?

Dancing is her life, but no one will hire her looking like she does. Not even with a mask. So she brings together and choreographs a group of other talented dance misfits to compete for the opportunity to tour as a dance company for a year. But each unique dancer has their own insecurities and imperfections and unless they can accept themselves and each other to show the world what they can do, all their dreams will be crushed.




Watch Me Dance Part 1

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Watch Me Dance Part 2

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