Kathy Petrakis

Major Productions

Having participated in theatre most of my life, it was only natural that my creative works would move towards that sphere. I started with short plays via Crash Test Drama and eventually wrote and then directed and produced my first full length play - Black Rainbow in 2014. In 2019, Watch Me Dance was created  -a play about dancers which I hope to convert to a screenplay.

From there, I've had the privilege of directing of community theatre and musicals!

Ladies Appleton Potato Race - Australian Play

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The Ladies Appleton Potato Race - an Australian play by Melanie Tait. Directedy by Kathy Petrakis for Arts Theatre Cronulla May June 2023,


Priscilla -Queen of the Desert - the MUSICAL

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Priscilla - Queen of the Desert - the Musical - a classic Australian musical theatre production presented by Regals Musical Society, Oct 2022.


Midsummer Madness - musical

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Midsommer Madness - a musical adaptation of Shakespeare's Midsommer Night's Eve, Feb 2023

Singin' In the Rain

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Singin' In The Rain - a classic musical theatre production presented by Rockdale Musical Society, March 2020.


Watch Me Dance

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Watch Me Dance -  a play about Dancers, Darling Quarter Theatre , Sept 27-29 2019

A story of friendship, acceptance, forgiveness, redemption and fighting for your dream.  Step Up, Center Stage, Pitch Perfect, Bring it On all mixed into one.

The story

In the dance world, physical perfection is everything. How you look, how you move, the stories your body tells. So can the disfigured Tianna survive in this world?

Dancing is her life, but no one will hire her looking like she does. Not even with a mask. So she brings together and choreographs a group of other talented dance misfits to compete for the opportunity to tour as a dance company for a year. But each unique dancer has their own insecurities and imperfections and unless they can accept themselves and each other to show the world what they can do, all their dreams will be crushed.

Black Rainbow

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Black Rainbow – full length work by Kathy Petrakis  – Performed  at Tap Gallery Aug 13-24 2014

Can hope survive anything? Can love really conquer all? Are you really master of your fate?

Black Rainbow is a story about a teenage boy living a double life. He uses street crime to survive unbeknownst to his private school peers or his devoted girlfriend. when tragic events force his lives to collide, he must choose between those who saved him from destitution and the desire to finally live and love freely.

An emotionally charged play that deals with difficult choices, the power of fate , the meaning of family and the sacrifices of love.Note: Contains frequent coarse language.

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