Kathy Petrakis

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow – full length work by Kathy Petrakis  – Performed  at Tap Gallery Aug 13-24 2014

Can hope survive anything? Can love really conquer all? Are you really master of your fate?

Black Rainbow is a story about a teenage boy living a double life. He uses street crime to survive unbeknownst to his private school peers or his devoted girlfriend. when tragic events force his lives to collide, he must choose between those who saved him from destitution and the desire to finally live and love freely.

An emotionally charged play that deals with difficult choices, the power of fate , the meaning of family and the sacrifices of love.

Note: Contains frequent coarse language.

2014 Sydney Production

Director and Producer: Kathy Petrakis

Assistant Director: Rosie Sparks

Set and Costume Designer: Rachel Scane

Stage Manager: Kathy Petrakis and Rosie Spiers

Lights and Sound operator: Emmanuel Said


Louis Emerson-Chase as AHMED KHOURY /ANDY KELLY  Melody Ha as SARAH NOVAK Sam Smith as TAREK


Daniel Hitchings Ursula William-Jordan-170770 Rosie
Daniel Hitchings as MICK Urusla Dauenhauer as CANDY William Jordan as MR. NOVAK Rosie Spiers as ADDICT

Black Rainbow Part 1

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Black Rainbow Part 2

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