Kathy Petrakis


Fiddler on the Roof

Fiddler on the Roof

Acting /Musical Theatre

2018 - Spamalot - ensemble - Ashfield Musical Society
2018 - Gold Musical Cabaret - Strathfield Musical Society.
2018 - Fiddler on the Roof - ensemble - Rockdale Musical Society
2015 - Voices Project - various roles in short plays - Cronulla Arts Theatre
2014 – Juror No. 4 in Twelve Angry Jurors – Cronulla Arts Theatre
2013 – Crash test drama finalist – Hotel Grand – Best Actress heat 4
2012 – Six plays in 7 days with Sedos Amateur theatre London
2011 – Short Film – The Lesson with City Academy London
2011 – Musical Theatre Mash-up with Pineapple Performing Arts School, London
2011 – ‘Scout’ in Popcorn with Darlinghurst Theatre

Pitches Be Crazy


2015 -current - Pitches Be Crazy Acapella Group - Sydney

2015 - Selah Gospel Choir - Los Angeles

2014 - New York Gospel Choir, New York Rock Choir

2011-2012 - Singology Choir - London

2000 -2007 - Glory Bound Groove Train - acapella gospel choir - Sydney

1996 - Black Chorus gospel choir - University of Illinois, Illinois, USA


I have danced everything from hip hop (pictured) to Salsa, lyrical jazz, contemporary, and most recently West Coast Swing. I have performed as part of the City Academy Dance Group around London, have represented Latin Motion in New Zealand and Malaysia and have competed in the Australian hip hop championships. Needless to say, I love dancing.

These days I'm much more low key with West Coast Swing but look forward to create a dance movie /play, currently in development.

Hip Hop Battles 2009