Kathy Petrakis

The Appleton Ladies Potato Race

The Appleton Ladies Potato Race by Melanie Tait
Directed by : Kathy Petrakis   For Arts Theatre Cronulla, May /June 2023

In the small Australian country town of Appleton, men are men, women are women and the biggest annual event is the famous Appleton Potato Race – that’s the way it’s always been.

But things are changing. When the prodigal daughter returns as the new GP and discovers that the famous Appleton Potato Race awards $1000 prize money for the men and a measly $200 for the women, she takes it upon herself to restore gender parity creating a hilarious culture war in her wake.

Inspired by real life events, THE APPLETON LADIES’ POTATO RACE is a funny, honest and heart-warming story about five different women overturning the potato cart and standing up for their principles.


Christiane Brawley – Bev Armstrong

Sahar Neale- Rania Hamid

Melissa Myles – Nikki Armstrong

Brooke Salisbury – Penny Anderson

Ann Sayegh – Barb Ling


Karen Firmstone, Sharon Hart, Stephanie Laarakkers, Catherine O’Sullivan