Kathy Petrakis

Full Length Plays

Black Rainbow

Black Rainbow is a story about a teenage boy who lives on the wrong side of the tracks but through his academic ability and determination, has a chance to change his path. He lives a double life, using crime to survive unbeknownst to his private school peers or his devoted girlfriend. Torn between fighting to leave his old life and helping his family survive, his double life comes to a head and he must choose between loyalty to those who rescued him from the streets and the opportunity to finally live the life he’s wanted.

An emotionally charged play requiring a cast of 4 men and 2 women. The main characters are aged 16.

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Sir Simon of Soho – adaptation of a Dickens play

Performed as part of KDC theatre’s show called ‘What the Dickens?”, London, Oct 2013

A one act drama which is a modern adaptation of the Dickens short story The Baron of Grogswig  who has a meeting with Despair.